Welcome to Paulet Corporation. Company responsible for creating products and generating lifestyles through its brands and values.
About us
We are a company that has grown over the years, where our values and legacy define us.
We assume a commitment with our clients, suppliers, collaborators and community.
We allow the company to be completely transparent in all the processes and actions we carry out in order to reinforce trust and security with our clients and collaborators.
Honesty and transparency
We strive to work and be at the forefront of fashion and trends, to renew ourselves based on how the market and the world in which we live is developing. Innovation is part of our growth.
eagerness to work
our brands
L. PAULET. It is a brand of textile products based on Peruvian natural fibers, with extensive knowledge and experience of 17 years in the national and international market.
Made by women who seek to obtain a better quality of life for their family.
LANALINA. Made with more accessible and comfortable purposes for our clients without losing the originality, creativity and modernity of our designs.
We rely on transmitting empathic, feminine and natural energy with which our clients feel comfortable without spending too much.
project: the power of Knitting
Social program that aims to Help to reduce the percentage of anemia and malnutrition in boys and girls of the Alto Cayma area in Arequipa, Perú.
our certifications
For more information about our certificates, info@corporacionpaulet.com